Access Control

  • Used to securely store personal data on card with all physical areas where the cardholder is granted access thereto
  • Upon entering any gate, the system verifies card authenticity to grant or deny access
  • Changing access rights requires card presence for update
  • Blacklisting does not require card presence

Smart Card – Access Control Features

  • The AC operates in offline mode; No connection between controller and server is required to operate the gates
  • Upon reading the card, the system performs the following checks:
    • Card Expiration: Valid or Expired for which, gate does not open
    • Card Genuineness: In case of a cloned card, gate does not open
    • Data Integrity: Card-hosted data is authentic or altered for which, gate does not open
    • Blacklisting: Card is valid or blacklisted for which, gate does not open
    • Anti-Pass back: Cardholder needs to check-in and out properly, the system inhibits pass-back attempts, in case of controller setup at exits
  • The Blacklist is scheduled for distribution once a day to all controllers
  • Access Control System collects all entrances and exits on daily basis from all controllers to be stored on the central server
  • System reporting tracks any given cardholder(s) for security purposes for any provided period
  • System reporting to show loads on the different gates categorized by location, also per exceptional cases; No Access, Blacklisted, Expired, Cloned Card…etc

Smart Card – AC Controller Advantages
  • Integrates with ANY Dry-contact electrical lock and supports ANY PC/SC Contactless Smart Card reader
  • Supports ANY Contactless Microprocessor card based on ISO 14443 standards
  • OperatesOFFLINE ; No need to contact the central server to open/close the gate
  • Supports UNLIMITED number of cardholders; no upgrade upon reaching a certain volume (100K, 200K…etc)
  • Upon issuing a new card, the system does not require ANY update to the controllers that saves massive time and administration efforts
  • Upload transactions to the central server and receives the blacklist ONCE a day
  • Supports Ethernet and 3G network
  • Supports ANY number of blacklist entries
  • Can be integrated with Fingerprint scanner for additional security
  • Controller can operate the gate to open in time slots based on the cardholder’s:
    • Age
    • Category: Employee or Visitor
    • Gender
  • - Manufactured by one of the world’s largest distributors for electronics products

Smart Card – AC Value-Added Services
  • At any stage, the following services can be activated:
    • Use an NFC-enabled Android mobile to display Cardholder data, Access rights and photo (if any)
    • ePurse or Loyalty programs on the same card
    • Security measures using methods against side-channel, replay, and man-in-the-middle attacks
Smart Card – AC Advantages for Card Issuer
  • InteroperabilityNo specific card type or card reader
  • Security Outstanding card and system security features to protect card authenticity and integrity. Blacklisting management is simplified, tracking report is one of the substantial features
  • Infrastructure Hassle-free deployment can be undertaken for hundreds of controllers thanks to 3G support
  • Cost Effectiveness Card can be used for more than one year saving printing cost and consumables. Controllers need no upgrade as the number of cardholders grows, even exponentially
  • User Experience A number of services can be added to the card for the convenience of the cardholder, same card can be used to open turnstiles and car barriers
  • Operation OverheadNo card update on controller. Card issuance and renewal is a matter of seconds