Information Kiosk
Main Features of Self-service Information Self Service Kiosk::

  • Built in with ID card reader, credit card reader, RFID card reader & receipt printer.
  • Anti-vandalism, dust-proof, high safety performance.
  • Rugged steel frame and long hours running, high precision, high stability & reliability
  • Different size screen industrial touch screen kiosk
  • 1.6 mm robust cold rolled steel kiosk cabinet
  • customize modern design: silk print LOGO
Items Specification Details
PC System (Customizable)
Motherboard Advantech/ Seavo/ Gigabyte
CPU Intel G2030/I3/ I5 /I7
HDD/SSD 320GB/500GB; 64GB
Power Supply Hunt Key/Great Wall
Interface RS-232 Ports; LTP; USB Ports, 10/100/1000M
Touch Screen
Screen Size 17”, 19” (optional from 15” to 22”)
Screen Type SAW, IR, Capacitive
Resolution 4096x4096
Feature High Transparence, Precision and Durability
Screen Size 17”, 19” (optional from 15” to 22”)
Brightness 300cd/m2
Contrast 1000:1
Resolution 1280x1024(1920*1080)
Kiosk Cabinet
Material Cold-rolled Steel ST12 SPCC with1.5mm thickness
Coating Car painting technology
Feature Easy service access through front and back
Color or Logo Customizable
Parts *Independent power supply *Multimedia speakers *Internal ventilation system
Card Reader
Card Type Magnetic card, IC Card, RF Card, Chip Card
Interface RS232/USB
Card Entry Method Signal of Magnetic, Optoelectronic and rear card
Encrypted Pin Pad
Key Life Span Magnetic card, IC Card, RF Card, Chip Card
Key Force 2-3N
Key Trip >2.5mm
Protection Level IP65
Thermal Printer
Brand Epson/Custom/Citizen
Auto-cutter Included
Width of Paper 58mm/80mm/112mm
Printing Speed 150mm/s
Buffer of Data 4Kb
Interface RS232/USB
Operation System Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Linux
Power Supply
AC Input Voltage 100~240V/AC
Frequency 50Hz to 60Hz
Other Peripheral UPS, Wi-Fi, Web-camera, LAN port, USB port, Scanner and etc