E-Tracking Application

  • Used to tracking people/workers based on checkpoints that read their smart cards
  • The Smart Card securely stores personal data on card with all physical areas where the cardholder is granted access thereto
  • Storing cardholder personal photo on card is optional
  • Upon accessing any area, the cardholder taps his contactless card on the reader to register his access to this area/checkpoint
  • The reader beeps once for areas assigned to the cardholder and twice for unassigned areas or checkpoints
  • All transactions (granted and denied) are stored on the controller attached to the reader
  • Transactions are uploaded to the central server via LAN or 3G connection in online or offline mode based on infrastructure condition
  • System Administrator can browse the transactions via a screen or optionally can be notified if cardholder access an unassigned area
  • Reporting shows the tracking of any cardholder anytime
  • Changing access rights requires card presence for update
  • NFC enabled Android mobile app can read card contents, if required

Smart Card - eTracking Components